Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Scripts which I use to automatically build MySQL servers and run tests

Few months ago, when MySQL Engineering Team moved MySQL Server sources to GitHub I found it would be waste of time to manually copy all scripts which I use to regularly and automatically build and test all versions, needed for verifying bug reports. I run these scripts on 3 machines at least. So I started my own GitHub project, called mysql-scripts

Now this project contains four scripts. First one is which  I use for building. By default it checks out MySQL Server sources, builds them in directory $HOME/src/mysql-VERSION, then installs to $HOME/build/mysql-VERSION But all configuration is settable. For example, now I regularly build Percona Server with single command ` -g percona-server -p "percona_server-" -b 5.1 -b 5.5 -b 5.6` Before using this script you should clone either MySQL or Percona server and checkout each of branches at least once. You also need to create all src/server-name-VERSION directories.

Second script is which I use to run MTR test cases automatically on any number of MySQL or Percona server versions.

Third is which archives tests. copies tests to remote machine.

I wrote about, and already They changed a bit after that blog post, but not significantly and functionality remains same.

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